Termokir Industries Ltd. (1980) is a kibbutz-owned company established in 1983 in Kibbutz Horshim. It develops and manufactures high quality construction materials using advanced technologies. Its product line includes plaster, adhesives and sealing materials. Thermal plaster, the company's flagship product, is used for thermal insulation of structures and is effective in minimizing environmental effects such as outside temperatures, resulting in significant savings on heating and cooling expenses and improved thermal comfort. Termokir employs a staff of approximately 45.

During its first years of operation Termokir's production was based on European know-how. Simultaneously, Termokir began developing a line of products adapted to the Middle Eastern climate, in collaboration with the Technion's National Building Research Institute and the Israeli Standards Institute. Following the energy crises of the 80s, Termokir developed thermal plaster, an energy saving insulating product. This solution quickly gained popularity, particularly among communities where residential structures suffered from severe thermal problems. It was later used extensively in the construction of the Reut and Rosh Ha'ayin settlements. The manufacturing plant’s operations have been extended to also include acoustic solutions based on the plant’s extensive knowledge, research and development. The manufacturing process utilizes innovative, fully automated computer technology.

Sustainability is one of Termokir’s key strategies and the company works towards integrating this vision into each of its organizational, marketing and operational activities. This includes transforming Termokir into a Green Plant by using recycled materials (the majority of Termokir products carry a Green Label) and promoting green construction in Israel. Termokir is also a founding member of the Israel Green Building Council and was awarded the Cleantech Mark for 2010. It also invests heavily in protecting the environment by recycling, minimizing waste and use of paper, and saving energy.


Termokir will be a global provider of innovative construction solutions, based on sustainability values

Doing it Right

Products and key processes

Thermal Insulation Plaster

Insulation plaster for building exteriors/interiors against cold and heat. A highly effective insulation solution which includes thermal bridges. Plaster for Thermal Insulation – this plaster is ideal for insulating structure against heat and cold. It is a highly efficient insulation solution, which includes thermal bridges and concrete belts. Industrial Plaster – A series of plaster products that adhere to Israeli Standard IS 1920, for indoors and outdoor, regular environment, marine environment and for gluing hard coatings.

Coating Materials

Decorative cement based coatings with a smooth or textural finish manufactured according to standards requirements. Tile Adhesives and Joint Fillers – Acrylic based adhesives and cements for gluing ceramic tiles, porcelain, mosaic, marble, stone etc.

Adhesive Mortar for Flooring

Thin or thick adhesive mortar used as a base for floor tiling, carpeting, parquet flooring and PVC etc.

Sealing Materials

Powder and liquid sealing agents, flexible hydraulic plaster for foundations, tiles and walls. Certified Systems for Sealed/Fortified Rooms.

Acoustic Plaster

An acoustic solution where good sound properties are required.


An acoustic insulation system used in flooring between stories.


  • Diamond Mark Certificate
  • Standards Mark
  • Green Label
  • ISO 9001:2000
  • 18001:2007 .
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • 50001